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jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011


The Satyanarayana Puja is usually done on the Purnima day of every month (the day of the full moon) or a Sankranti. It is also done on special occasions and during times of achievements as an offering of gratitude to the Lord. These occasions include marriage, graduation, new job, and the purchase of a new home to name a few. The puja starts by a prayer to Lord Ganesha, to remove all obstacles that may occur as a result of incorrectly performing the puja. This is done by chanting all the names of Lord Ganesha and offering prasad (a food offering, usually consisting of one of Lord Ganesha's favorite foods - modak, a sugar and coconut mixture, or ladu) and the showering of flower petals.

Recipe for making Shira:
Quantity: 7-8 Plates Shira.
Material: 2 Vati Rava (Sooji), 1¾ Vati Sugar, ½ Vati Ghee, Badam (Almonds), Manuka (Resins), Charoli, Keshar (Saffron), Banana
  1. Roast Rava in a utensil in ghee to make it well done i.e. color changes to brownish.
  2. Add same amount of water as Rava if it is fine,.
  3. Add water 1½ times the quantity of Rava, if Rava is coarse.
  4. Heat & stir well till the water evaporates.
  5. Add sugar & heat again.
  6. Add Almond pieces, small circular pieces of banana, saffron, elaychi powder etc…
  7. Control the heat & stir well to ensure that the lumps are not formed; shira is not too thick nor too thin like paste.

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